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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2099


Anthony Albanese recently announced a five thousand dollar “leaving violence payment,” showing that Labor is completely unwilling to provide the services that domestic violence survivors...

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Issue #1998

The “new normal” life with COVID, two years on

New data shows that the cost of living has increased 3.5 per week in the past year and poverty is once more on the increase...

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Issue #1954

National crisis for Australian renters

On census night in 2016, an estimated 116,000 people were experiencing homelessness across Australia.

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Issue #1998

Homelessness epidemic

Having a roof over your head and a safe living space is not a privilege as capitalists would have us believe. It is a basic...

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Man next to shopping trolley. Issue #2065

USA: Hunger and food insecurity

The United States is a net exporter of food, yet hunger is a worsening phenomenon with many Americans unable to buy basic foods, due to...

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Issue #1995

“Grants” for homeowners, but “handouts” for renters

“Living with other people, you start off in that nice accommodating phase. “Okay we’re going to get on.” You try really hard. It’s all going...

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Baby eating watermelon. Issue #2067

Monopoly capital

As families struggle to put food on the table and keep up with rental and mortgage payments, profits are soaring. Inflation was running at six...

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Issue #2045


The NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) welcomed the recent announcement by an increasingly desperate NSW Coalition government in election mode, after it committed to...

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Issue #2053

Portable bond scheme

The NSW Council of Social Services (NCOSS) “broadly supports” the state government’s Bill in Parliament to better protect renters, but has expressed concern around some...

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Issue #2095

Renters and Housing Union art for sale

The good people at RAHU, the Renters and Housing Union, have a lot of artists and designers amongst their membership. Since RAHU has bills to...

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Issue #1955

National crisis for Australian renters

The JobSeeker supplement ended on 28th March; four states have already extended their moratoria or do not currently have protections in place for tenants.

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Front page of Issue #2059

(Far from) Abhorrent

When is it good for something to be abhorrent? When it’s the title of this amusing and inspiring zine produced by our comrades at the...

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Issue #2065

Rental reform call to Senate inquiry

A coalition of more than 80 organisations across Australia has urged governments to act swiftly on rental reform in a joint submission to the Senate’s...

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Issue #2063

Resist the anti-China scare campaign

Australians have real problems, problems that can’t be wished away. Climate change is happening now, and our ALP government is making it worse. There is...

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Mother and children walking into sunset. Issue #2081

Good Housing: A Human Right for all Australians

Residents of the remote community of Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) in the Northern Territory have just won their right to enjoy safe and healthy housing,...

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Issue #2048

Inequality deepens

New research shows one million people in NSW are living in poverty. With Western Sydney going backwards while Eastern Sydney is improving, inequality across the...

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Issue #2049


The international working class continues to commemorate the struggles and gains achieved over 134 years since the first May Day commemoration in 1889 which remembered...

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Issue #2099

Federal Budget has ‘a hole in its heart’

The Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) has described the Federal Budget as having a hole in its heart.  On one hand, the budget will...

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Empty wallet. Issue #2091


Living standards for the majority of Australians continue to fall while the gap between the wealthy and middle to low-income workers widens. The Reserve Bank...

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Issue #2067

When rent freezes over

Rent is in the news lately, for several reasons. There is a national housing crisis. The Albanese Labor government, always keen to be seen as...

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Issue #2084


It’s the great Australian question. For a lot of Australians the answer is “Not too crash-hot.” Employment is down. Full-time employment is down and part-time...

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