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Issue #2098

Homeless Police and Health Care Workers

Homelessness is common throughout Queensland. It even impacts those with full-time work. The situation is so bad that homelessness now impacts police officers and health...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2049

Weasel Words

Hitler (just like) By now, everyone has heard of “Godwin’s law”, an internet saying amounting to this: if you compare someone to Hitler or the...

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Poverty in Sydney. Issue #2102

The poverty of policy

The Fair Work Commission has increased both minimum and award wages by 3.75 per cent from 1 July when the tax cuts for middle to...

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Issue #2038

Record rent increases

Last year Australia recorded an overall increase in rents of 10.2 per cent, the biggest-ever rent increase recorded nationally. The cost of rent has risen...

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Issue #2015

The devil in the details of the “housing crisis”

In part one, we revealed that approximately one-fifth of households surveyed by the 2021 Census own nearly fifty per cent of the total amount of...

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Issue #2045


The NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) welcomed the recent announcement by an increasingly desperate NSW Coalition government in election mode, after it committed to...

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Issue #2046

Budget must tackle housing crisis

Housing campaign Everybody’s Home says renters on the lowest incomes will still struggle to make ends meet with the federal government’s meagre rise in Centrelink...

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Mother and children walking into sunset. Issue #2065


The housing crisis continues to deepen with an estimated shortfall of 640,000 houses. Recent interest rate rises are still to take their toll on home...

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