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Issue #2097

World military spending explodes

World spending on the military in 2023 reached an astronomical $2.44 trillion, according to research just released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)....

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Asian child smiling with father. Issue #2097

Where is the Red Menace?

Australia’s political, military, and media elites and the Americans holding their leashes have been doubling and tripling down on China fearmongering in the last few...

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Senator the Hon Penny Wong Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Right Honourable James Cleverly, UK Foreign Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Richard Marles, Lieutenant Colonel and Captain the Right Honorable Ben Wallace, UK Secretary of State for Defence. Issue #2096

$100 billion arms budget

The announcement by Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, that Australia’s military spending will reach 2.4 per cent of GDP is chilling news. This means a...

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Issue #2091


As the body count in Gaza and the West Bank continues to rise after hitting 30,000, Richard Marles and Penny Wong claim that Australia is...

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Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles. Issue #2082


The US-led military buildup in Australia for war with China is like nothing this country has ever experienced before – and US sycophant, Australian defence...

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US soldier in Shoalwater Bay during Talisman Sabre 2011. Issue #2096

Marles boost to military spending ‘a disgrace’

Peace groups are outraged by Defence Minister Richard Marles announcement at the National Press Club that Australia’s military spending will rise from the current 1.9...

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A group of ‘debs’ who joined the protest. Issue #2099

Geelong Debs join anti-Marles, anti-genocide protest

In Geelong, feelings are rising against local member Richard Marles, his warmongering policies and his support for the Israeli genocide. IPAN members in Geelong have...

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