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Issue #1954

“Save Perth Hills” rally in Mundaring, WA

In the Perth Hills suburb of Mundaring 1,800 people gathered at Sculpture Park to rally against the proposal for a housing development at nearby North Stoneville.

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Issue #1973

Politics in the pub – Perth

On the 22nd of July 2021, the Communist Party of Australia held their latest Politics in the Pub on the theme of revolution.

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Issue #2021

Public sector alliance rally – WA

In Western Australia there has been a campaign of industrial activity over the past six weeks by more than ten trade unions who make up...

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Issue #2032

Lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis Sixty Years

Sixty years ago during the Cold War the world came close to a nuclear war between the two superpowers of the day, the Soviet Union...

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Issue #2016

Remembering 26th July 1953 in 2022 – the spark of the Cuban Revolution continues

26th July 1953, Fidel Castro Ruz, a sharp and upcoming lawyer led an attack of 150 on the Moncada Army Barracks in the eastern Cuban...

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Issue #2018

Public sector health services workers make a stand – WA

As part of the campaign by public sector workers in Western Australia, members of the Health Services Union and United Workers Union – the two...

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Issue #1983

Conservation, climate and communities

The Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) held its Annual Conference.

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Issue #1990

Protest against uranium mine proposal – Mulga Rock, WA

On Friday, 26th November, fifty anti-uranium mining protesters, including traditional owners, attended a rally outside the headquarters of Vimy Resources in South Perth.

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Issue #2030

“David McBride: declassified” a whistle blower unleashed

There are moments in our lives when we witness someone who has tried to do the right thing to others, to the society in which...

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Issue #1984

School strike for climate change

The School Strike 4 Climate Change (SS4CC) was called around the world in the lead up to the critical COP 26 climate change conference.

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Issue #1990

Public Sector Alliance action

Earlier this year, six unions – CPSU/CSA, SSTUWA, UWU, RTBU, and HSU – allied to form the Public Sector Alliance (PSA).

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Issue #2012

Public Sector Alliance mass bargaining meeting, workers Embassy Parliament House – Perth

In mid-2021, unions with members in the Western Australian Public Sector formed the Public Sector Alliance (PSA) to present a united position on a wage...

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Issue #1952

“Fighting for the future – class and climate”

On Thursday the 25th of February 2021, Politics in the Pub (Perth) discussed Climate Change and the environment – the pressing issue of our times, and how we deal with it will determine humankind’s future.

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Issue #1976

Querying Carrolup: Stolen Generations, art and healing through truth

Carrolup Native Settlement was established near Katanning in the Great Southern region of Western Australia in 1915 under the auspices of the Aborigines Act 1905

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Issue #1985

Rally to protect Aboriginal heritage – Perth

After Rio Tinto infamously blew up the Juukan Gorge in 2020 in the Pilbara gained worldwide attention

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Issue #2044

School strike for action on climate change

On 3rd March, about 100 mostly school children rallied in the Supreme Gardens in Perth directly opposite one of the principal corporate emitters of carbon...

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Issue #2001

A reflection on climate change in Western Australia and New South Wales

On the 4th of March 2022, West Australian Premier Mark McGowan finally relented on his state’s “hard border” which protected its residents from COVID, and...

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Issue #1957

Palm Sunday Refugee Solidarity Gathering – Perth

On Sunday, 28th March 2021, the Social Justice Commission held this year’s Palm Sunday Refugee rally indoors at the Wesley Church Hall Centre.

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Issue #2019

Free Julian/Hiroshima day rally – Perth

“One of the ways to achieve justice, is to expose injustice.” – Julian Assange On the 6th August 2022, Perth for Assange,  together with StopAukusWA,...

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Issue #2034

John Shipton calls for the release of his son Julian Assange from prison and return to Australia

On Saturday 19th November 2022, John Shipton spoke at a rally in Perth calling for the release of his son Julian Assange, the founder of...

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Issue #1993

“Freedom” rally, Supreme Court Gardens – Perth

In the shadow of WA Premier Mark McGowan’s announcement of a new mandate and restrictions to be imposed once the WA hard border falls on...

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Issue #1963

Rally in support of peace and justice in Colombia

On Saturday 15th May, the community group, United for Colombia, Perth (WA), held a rally in Forrest Place in the CBD.

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Issue #2033

Change in the name of Cassius rally – Perth

In Forrest Place in the heart of Perth over 1000 people gathered to remember Cassius Turvey, the fifteen-year-old, Noongar/Yamitji boy who was ambushed and attacked...

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Issue #1979

WA Premier announces logging ban of native forests as part of state budget

On the 8th September 2021, in the lead-up to the presentation of the Western Australian State Budget, WA Premier and Treasurer Mark McGowan announced plans to end logging of native forests by mid-2024.

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Issue #2002

School Strike 4 Climate Change Perth

On 25th March 2022, while up to 1000 protesters gathered on the Domain in Sydney and marched onto Kirribilli House, fifty people mostly in COVID...

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Issue #1964

Remembering the Lock Hospitals of Bernier and Dorre Islands

The Bernier and Dorre Islands are two narrow islands located fifty-two km from the Western Australian port city of Carnarvon.

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Issue #2023

Nuclear submarines = uranium mines

On 15th September 2021, the AUKUS trilateral security pact was signed between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Under the pact, the United...

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