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Issue #1954

“Save Perth Hills” rally in Mundaring, WA

In the Perth Hills suburb of Mundaring 1,800 people gathered at Sculpture Park to rally against the proposal for a housing development at nearby North Stoneville.

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Issue #1952

“Fighting for the future – class and climate”

On Thursday the 25th of February 2021, Politics in the Pub (Perth) discussed Climate Change and the environment – the pressing issue of our times, and how we deal with it will determine humankind’s future.

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Issue #1957

Palm Sunday Refugee Solidarity Gathering – Perth

On Sunday, 28th March 2021, the Social Justice Commission held this year’s Palm Sunday Refugee rally indoors at the Wesley Church Hall Centre.

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Issue #1963

Rally in support of peace and justice in Colombia

On Saturday 15th May, the community group, United for Colombia, Perth (WA), held a rally in Forrest Place in the CBD.

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Issue #1964

Remembering the Lock Hospitals of Bernier and Dorre Islands

The Bernier and Dorre Islands are two narrow islands located fifty-two km from the Western Australian port city of Carnarvon.

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