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Issue #2004

Timor-Leste elections 2022

In a conclusive victory in the recent Timor-Leste presidential elections, José Ramos-Horta, a former foreign affairs Minister, Prime Minister and President, became the new President...

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Issue #2023

Juvenile justice a system in crisis

With frequent unlawful lock downs of over twenty hours per day, ostensibly caused by staff shortages, incarcerated youth are being denied access to formal education,...

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Issue #2024

Governor General – lobbyist par excellence!

Essentially Australia’s head of state is a prime ministerial appointment whereas, if democratic principles were to apply in choosing the highest position in a democracy...

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Issue #2002

West Papuans escalate their fight for justice

In 1962 the “New York Agreement” signed at the United Nations led to the notorious Act of Free Choice that took place in West Papua...

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Burrup Rock art Issue #2056

Burrup desecration

Could the destruction of priceless 40,000-year-old art work in the great land of Australia ever happen today? The deliberately planned Juukun cave explosion of 2020...

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Issue #2049

Road to War

As Australia’s most outstanding documentary film maker with 21 films and many awards to his credit, David Bradbury has created another monumental and relevant work...

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Issue #2013


National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) can trace its origins back to 1938 when at one of the earliest human rights protests anywhere...

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The unmasking took place at an urgent meeting during the “coronation” weekend in Adelaide where two inspirational speakers provided insightful explanations on “AUKUS: Why we are opposed!” Issue #2052

AUKUS unmasked

With an ultimate price tag of over half a trillion dollars, AUKUS represents a huge attack on the Australian way of life, on the environment...

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Electric cars charging while parked on street. Issue #2060

Electric vehicles

Individually, Australians hold the dubious distinction of being the world’s biggest polluters, on a per capita basis, among nations of the OECD (Organisation for Economic...

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