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Issue #1951

Australia gets Zucked: Facebook’s gangster move against Australia

Last week, social media giant, Facebook, restricted the Australian public from posting or accessing a range of information from external websites, particularly news sites, after an Australian parliamentary committee ordered big tech companies to pay for shared content from large publications.

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Editorial Issue #1951

EDITORIAL – Murdoch empire must be stopped

Last month, the Senate’s Environment and Communications References Committee held an inquiry into “the state of media diversity, independence and reliability in Australia.”

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Issue #1994

“For the sake of civility”: Grace Tame and the optics of politics

Politics – broadly speaking – define all relations and aspects of society, culturally and economically. There are many “styles” of politics, each propagated and used...

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Issue #2022

CPA lunch at the Village Pickle

After many weeks of planning, organising, and discussion, the Brisbane branch gathered at the Village Pickle, a café in the country town of Nambour, north...

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