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A delegation of Cuban doctors arrives in Angola on April 10 to help the African country fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Issue #1947

Success of Cuba’s fight against Coronavirus

On the 1st of January, 2021, Cuban revolution completed 62 years.

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Issue #1976

China’s common prosperity – the next step in the building of socialism

President Xi Jinping has announced the next steps in resolving inequality in China following the monumental achievement of eradicating extreme poverty and reaching a moderately prosperous society.

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Issue #1965

All the questions socialists have about China but were too afraid to ask

In the 1990s and 2000s conventional Western wisdom was that China had long abandoned socialism.

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Issue #1972

Socialism: utopian or scientific: a guide

For the final part of this series, we will see how all of the concepts we’ve explored thus far work together to create scientific socialism.

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Issue #1970

Socialism: Utopian or Scientific: A guide

In the previous article we analysed some of the basic concepts in Engels’ work and what the problem with utopian socialism was.

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Issue #1981

The third wave of socialism and renewal in Vietnam

Prof Dr Michael Brie

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Issue #2003

The importance and history of May Day

May Day was chosen as the day for International Workers’ Day in 1889 by the Marxist International  Socialist Congress, in Paris. 1889 is a long...

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Issue #2025

Diversity – sustainability – socialism

Cuba is one of the world’s most sustainable economies despite the six decades’ long illegal and economically crippling US blockade. Since the 1960s, the Cuban...

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Issue #1971

Socialism: Utopian or Scientific – A guide

Uprisings have happened countless times throughout history. Revolutionary transformation is the historical norm, not the exception.

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Issue #2006

The Communist Party in the workers’ movement

May Day, or International Workers’ Day, is one of the most important days for the working class around the world. It is a day to...

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Issue #1968

What would a people’s budget look like?

As both federal and state governments begin to shape their next budgets, the Communist Party of Australia held a Politics in the Pub to discuss what a People’s Budget would look like.

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Issue #2002

Reflections on the outcomes of the CPA 14th Congress

The Communist Party of Australia successfully hosted its 14th National Congress at the end of February 2022 and elected a new Central Committee. COVID restrictions...

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