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Issue #2018

The reason why African countries are keen to work with Russia

“In 1917, new forces came to power in Russia – the Bolsheviks. I don’t know how you feel about them, whether you like them or...

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Tereshkova in space helmet. Issue #2061

Tereshkova first woman in space

On 16th June 1963, at the age of 26, Valentina V Tereshkova became the first woman to fly in space, a major Soviet engineering and...

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Issue #2032

Lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis Sixty Years

Sixty years ago during the Cold War the world came close to a nuclear war between the two superpowers of the day, the Soviet Union...

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Issue #2022

The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic: socialist construction 1921-1941

This is part two of a series on the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was a founding republic of the Soviet Union (founded in 1922)....

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Issue #1978

McCarthyism on the rise in Australian universities

In Australia’s latest self-sabotaging attack on China, the Morrison government has released a proposal that targets students and academics at Australian universities

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Chess Issue #2098

Socialism through chess: the USSR, Cuba and the politics of Chess

Chess is a game of intellect, discipline, and strategic thinking. It’s is an equaliser in which a peasant, once taught, can play as well as...

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Emblem of Laos Issue #2095

LPRP and Laos Development

In 2016, the Laos People’s Revolutionary Party formalised Kaysone Phomvihane Thought at their 10th Congress. Kaysone Phomvihane was Laotian leader from 1975 till his death...

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Issue #2006

Never forget the victory of the Soviet Union

On 9th May, 1945, Hitler’s fascism was finally crushed amongst the rubble of Berlin and the “thousand-year Reich” came to a mercifully premature end. The...

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