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Issue #1964

“Liberation is within our reach”: Palestine goes on strike

Under Israeli bombardment, Palestinians went on one of the biggest strikes in Palestinian history on 18th May.

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Issue #1965

Divided we beg, together we bargain: wage strikes in US and Australia

Across the Pacific there’s a peculiar phenomenon occurring. As the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, businesses are struggling to hire workers.

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Issue #1966

UWU General Mills strike – Rooty Hill, NSW

Since 4th June, United Workers Union’ (UWU) workers at the US-owned General Mills (GM) Rooty Hill factory have been on strike.

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Issue #1969

Workers win at General Mills!

On 25th June, United Workers Union (UWU) members at the General Mills (GM) factory in Rooty Hills, Sydney, returned to work after three weeks of strike action.

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Issue #1955

McCormick’s picket

Thursday 25th March marked four weeks since workers at McCormick Foods factory went on strike late in February. Workers, with the support of the community, have been operating a 24/7 picket out the front of the factory in Clayton South in Victoria.

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