The Guardian • Sudan

Issue #1978

Sudan’s ongoing struggle: “a revolution in the making”

Sudan drew global attention throughout 2019, as the people rose up against the corrupt and repressive regime of Omar al-Bashir.

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Issue #1980

Sudan: revolution, imperialism and solidarity

Imperialism has been affecting the current Sudan crisis in regard to both resource utilisation and exploitation as well as its identity as a diverse and multicultural and multi-religious nation-state.

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Global briefs Issue #2062


SYRIA: The Syrians gave a green light last week for the United Nations to use a key crossing from Turkey to the country’s rebel-held north-west...

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Issue #1971

Horn of Africa

It is almost impossible to find out any news of what is happening in Africa.

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Global briefs Issue #2049

YEMEN: A prisoner exchange took place between Houthis and government forces. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that planes carrying detainees took...

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Global briefs Issue #2065


UNITED NATIONS: Global prices for food commodities such as rice and vegetable oil have risen for the first time in months after Russia pulled out...

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IWD Perth. Issue #2092

International Women’s Day 2024

IWD walk for peace – Perth This year on 8 March around 300 women in Perth walked through Perth CBD for the first IWD Peace...

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Refugee children at a shelter in Tangerang, Indonesia. Issue #2059

Stranded in poverty

Hundreds of refugees, mostly Afghan and Sudanese, staged protests on World Refugee Day on 20th June in cities across Indonesia to demand resettlement after years...

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Global briefs Issue #2051


SUDAN: Doctors Central Committee has reported that the number of people killed in clashes between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) rose...

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