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Weasel Words heading Issue #2043


Complexities /kəmplˈɛksɪtiz/ Readers who lived in a share house during their student days may remember instant tidying for parties. One top tip for student house-dwellers...

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Issue #2033


In a massive escalation of the simmering industrial conflict being waged by Svitzer Towage’s Australian management against local tugboat crew, the company gave notice that...

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Issue #1967

Govt white-ants super yet again

On 17th June, the government rushed through both Houses legislation on superannuation.

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Issue #1956

Govt to hit Women’s super

Last month, Superannuation Minister Jane Hume (also Minister for Women’s Economic Security [sic]) announced that a draft bill would be released soon for superannuation changes, including new compassionate grounds for early access to super for victims of domestic violence. They would be allowed to apply for up to $10,000 “as an important last resort lifeline.”

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Issue #2043

Where is super heading?

When the Albanese government released a superannuation consultation paper last month, it brought the usual suspects out of the woodwork. The hysteria was a reminder...

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