The Guardian • Sydney

Issue #1962

Palestine supporters commemorate al Nakba

Thousands showed up at Sydney Town Hall to a demonstration marking 73 years since the 1948 Palestinian Exodus.

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Issue #1948

Community action pushes back against demolition of Glebe public housing

Residents and organisers from the Hands off Glebe campaign have come together in solidarity with protestors for their most recent public demonstration.

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Issue #1948

Hands Off Glebe Inc media release

A wide range of groups has come together in a campaign to stop NSW Government housing “renewal” plans in Glebe and South Everleigh in Sydney.

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Issue #1969

Workers win at General Mills!

On 25th June, United Workers Union (UWU) members at the General Mills (GM) factory in Rooty Hills, Sydney, returned to work after three weeks of strike action.

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Issue #1957

Stop black deaths in custody rally – Sydney

On Saturday, the 10th of April, a CPA contingent attended Stop Black Deaths in Custody rally in Sydney.

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Issue #1970

How the “red rooster line” affects COVID-19 police response

Often referred to light-heartedly, the “Red Rooster line” highlights the class border separating two parts of the city – east and west Sydney – where...

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Issue #1971

Vaccination the only way out

The delta strain of COVID-19 had spread to all states on the eastern seaboard and to South Australia and border closures are in place at the time of writing.

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