The Guardian • Sydney

Issue #2045

Sydney marches for International Working Women’s Day

Participants at this year’s rally came from all over to gather on the steps of Sydney’s Town Hall despite train network chaos. Women and their...

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David Matters at the CPA Conference 2024 Issue #2086

Lenin: Marxism from the universal to the specific

The recent Communist Party Organising Conference in Sydney this January coincided with the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s death. As part of a celebration of Lenin’s...

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Issue #1962

Palestine supporters commemorate al Nakba

Thousands showed up at Sydney Town Hall to a demonstration marking 73 years since the 1948 Palestinian Exodus.

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Issue #1948

Community action pushes back against demolition of Glebe public housing

Residents and organisers from the Hands off Glebe campaign have come together in solidarity with protestors for their most recent public demonstration.

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Issue #2065

Hiroshima Day

Sydney Sydney – walking towards the Defence Department. Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Day 2023, was one of the best attended for years. The bombing of two cities...

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Issue #2020

RTBU’S “rolling” actions highlight broken bargaining system

Workers at Sydney Trains and NSW Trains are taking industrial action throughout August over the Government’s refusal to negotiate in good faith. Health and safety,...

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Issue #1948

Hands Off Glebe Inc media release

A wide range of groups has come together in a campaign to stop NSW Government housing “renewal” plans in Glebe and South Everleigh in Sydney.

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Issue #1969

Workers win at General Mills!

On 25th June, United Workers Union (UWU) members at the General Mills (GM) factory in Rooty Hills, Sydney, returned to work after three weeks of strike action.

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Issue #2025

Sydney train strike update

Plans to disable the ticket readers at Sydney’s metro train stations are back on the table after the RTBU filed a new application for industrial...

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Issue #2019

Memorial held in Sydney for beloved comrade

A mass memorial was held for Sydney environmental and trade union activist Ishtiaq Varlin, 28, on Saturday 6th August at Alexandria town hall following his...

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Issue #2003

CPA members support workers robbed by Probuild and Frasers Property

Members of the Communist Party of Australia in Sydney attended a multi-day picket held by CFMEU workers demanding the wages they’re owed by Probuild and...

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Issue #1957

Stop black deaths in custody rally – Sydney

On Saturday, the 10th of April, a CPA contingent attended Stop Black Deaths in Custody rally in Sydney.

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Issue #2006

CPA at protests around the country

The CPA fighting for aged care workers in Perth. Around 500 workers rallied at the Perth Cultural Centre demanding respect for aged care workers and...

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Issue #2029

Communists and the trade unions with Alex Gordon (RMT/CPB)

On the 15th October the NSW state committee hosted a talk by National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) President and leading member...

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Issue #2039

Invasion Day rallies demand “Treaty before Voice”

As many as 100,000 people took to the streets with rallies and marches in every state and territory on Invasion Day, 26th January. Protestors held...

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Issue #1970

How the “red rooster line” affects COVID-19 police response

Often referred to light-heartedly, the “Red Rooster line” highlights the class border separating two parts of the city – east and west Sydney – where...

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Issue #1971

Vaccination the only way out

The delta strain of COVID-19 had spread to all states on the eastern seaboard and to South Australia and border closures are in place at the time of writing.

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Sydney rally for Palestine. Issue #2077

Sydney pro-Palestinian action

Every week the protest actions in Sydney become larger rising from around 5000 to 15,000 to an estimated 50,000 on Sunday 29  October. After hearing...

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Issue #2049

NSW: More people sleeping rough

Homelessness in Sydney has been steadily growing. Years of NSW neoliberal governments have created a perfect storm of conditions that lead to homelessness. It is...

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Issue #2080

“End war crimes in Palestine”

The Palestinian Justice Movement Sydney has led an action in Port Botany in protest at the Israeli-owned ZIM shipping line which frequents Australia’s largest container...

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Issue #2050

Public Housing in Glebe saved!

Pro-public housing group Hands off Glebe has been campaigning to stop the sell-off of public housing in Sydney’s Glebe area for years. Now they have...

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group shot Issue #2094

No more interference. No more coercion. No more sanctions. End the blockade and let Cuba live!

On the weekend of 6-7 April, friends of Cuba from across Australia convened at the Maritime Union in Sydney for the 39th edition of the...

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Harry at protest. Issue #2096

Haarootune (Harry) Ohannes Koopelian

Harry Koopelian passed away on the 8th March, 2024 in Gladesville (Sydney) after a long illness. Harry joined the Socialist Party of Australia in the...

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Rally for Palestine, Sydney. Issue #2079

Pro-Palestine rally, Sydney

On Sunday 12 November 2023, tens of thousands of protesters descended on Hyde Park in Sydney to demand a ceasefire and a stop to the...

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Issue #2059

The Housing Crisis

After decades of State and Federal neoliberal housing policies, Australia faces an exploding housing crisis. The 26th June Anglicare report on the cost of living...

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May Day event in Caloundra, 2024. Issue #2098

May Day 2024

Victory Day Celebrations. May 9 defeat of fascism commemorated With all the recent celebrations of May Day, let’s not forget May 9, the anniversary of...

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Issue #2093

CPA Statement

The Communist Party of Australia has followed the events that took place at Sydney’s Port Botany on Sunday 24 March in which 19 protestors were...

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Rally for Palestine in Sydney. Issue #2080

Sydney protest against genocide in Palestine

On Sunday 19 November, tens of thousands gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park to protest the ongoing war in Gaza carried out by Israel. Members of...

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Man stabbing Issue #2095

Sydney stabbings are no time for racism

When an event as appalling as the recent Sydney stabbing attacks occurs, it’s common for people to call for everyone to show some respect in...

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Sydney rallies for Palestine. Issue #2077

Ceasefire NOW!

Around the world hundreds of thousands of people are taking protest actions, calling for an immediate ceasefire so that food, water and medical aid can...

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Issue #2088

TJ Hickey speak-out, Melbourne 17 February

A determined and organised crowd attended the Speak Out for TJ Hickey at Melbourne’s State Library on Saturday 17 February. Organised by the Indigenous Social...

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Palestine rally Sydney. Issue #2097


For 7 months now the people of Gaza have been under siege from Israel with the death toll continuing to rise, at the time of...

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