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Issue #1949

Ever increasing precarity for public education amidst TAFE funding cuts and privatisation

The Federal Government continues to neglect public Vocational Education and Training, diminishing accessibility for many Australians.

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Issue #2018

Compulsory training of Australians should be condition for migrant hires

The Australian Workers’ Union is calling for a compact between employers and unions that would allow the hiring of migrants to address the skills shortage,...

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Issue #1989

Morrison gov’t punishes students

Australian students are yet again hit by repressive policies from the Coalition government.

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TAFE rally. Issue #2054

Rebuild the vocational education system

After decades without a national plan, the creation of Jobs and Skills Australia sparks an ember of hope for the future of Vocational Education and...

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Issue #2051

Skilled Immigration: Must do better

The idea of skilled migration is deceptively simple. A lot of people in other countries want to live in Australia. We have to sort them...

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