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Issue #2030

“No More Tax Cuts For The Rich”

Dear Editor, Your editorial “No More Tax Cuts For The Rich” (Guardian – 17th October) is very apt, and unfortunately very well positioned, placed as...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2035


TAX tæks/ We all know what a tax is, don’t we? The government needs money, so they take a slice of your salary, or maybe...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2043


Complexities /kəmplˈɛksɪtiz/ Readers who lived in a share house during their student days may remember instant tidying for parties. One top tip for student house-dwellers...

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Issue #1973

No tax cuts for the rich!

Labor leader Anthony Albanese and Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers shocked many in their own ranks when they announced that Labor would support the Coalition’s tax cuts which overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy.

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2023


BOLD /bəʊld/ A good thing to be! Superman is bold. Action heroes are bold. Used weaselly, “bold” means that a politician is going to do...

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Issue #2032

A peace & peoples’ budget

Annual budgets are a mirror held up to the class divide. The income and expenditure sides of the budget come down to priorities. The budget...

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Issue #2028

No more tax cuts for the rich

Australia’s “Labor” Party can be incredibly frustrating to those who don’t want to see a return of the Coalition but who also want serious, progressive...

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Issue #2031

Class war budget

The budget, delivered on 25th October, is set in the context of a looming global recession, ongoing wars, rocketing prices, extreme weather events, famine, and...

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Issue #2022

The aged care crisis

How does a non-profit charitable organisation that is sixty-nine per cent funded by government, and claims to operate at a loss, find $1.4 billion to...

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Issue #2043

Where is super heading?

When the Albanese government released a superannuation consultation paper last month, it brought the usual suspects out of the woodwork. The hysteria was a reminder...

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