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Issue #2020

Our Members Be Unlimited – Sam Wallman

If the trade union movement is to have a future, then it is in today’s youth. There is not a great deal of material written...

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A person in festive costume, Carazo, Nicaragua. Issue #2065

Nicaragua: the path to independence

The years under neo-liberalism in Nicaragua saw trade union rights stripped away, collective bargaining agreements junked and, as trade union strength waned, living standards plummeted....

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Issue #2035

The problems of privatisation and why publicly-owned services matter

The ACTU does a good job of explaining issues to the converted. However, they should use some excellent scientific studies to inform the public of...

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Issue #2021

60th anniversary of Australia’s involvement in Vietnam

This week marks sixty years since Australia entered the Vietnam war. Considered by many to be a Cold War-era proxy war, the conflict lasted almost...

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Issue #2035

CPA National School – Brisbane

In November, the Brisbane Branch held its CPA National Party School. It began with a Trivia night on Friday, at the Labour Trades Hall in...

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Offshore wind turbines Issue #2062

Maritime Union win on renewables

Australian maritime workers continue to benefit from the fast pace of investment and expansion of offshore renewable energy projects around our coastline. The Maritime Union...

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Issue #2068


Trade union federations in the EU have called for affiliates to support French trade unionists who are being prosecuted for taking collective action during recent...

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Issue #2057


NORWAY: A new report commissioned by the Norwegian police into a deadly shooting during Oslo’s annual LGBT Pride festival last year blasted Norway’s domestic security...

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Issue #2053

Outsourcing’s shadow workforce

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) says it is pleased to see that the Albanese Labor government has uncovered the scale of outsourcing within...

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Union flags. Issue #2071

Trade union and workers’ rights

Over the decades the rights of trade union delegates and trade union officials have been eroded, making it increasingly difficult for them to represent and...

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