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Issue #1953

TWU warns against replacing JobKeeper with loans to businesses, urges equity stake to save jobs

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has warned against the Federal Government replacing JobKeeper for aviation workers with interest-free loans to businesses, saying the move will result in a skills-drain from the industry.

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Issue #1984

Toll workers win job security protections and 15% super in new agreement offer

Toll workers have secured job security protections and an industry-first fifteen per cent superannuation offer.

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Issue #2017

Class struggle is primary

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an edited version of a speech delivered by CPA Assistant General Secretary David Matters on the reissuing of comrade Jack...

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Issue #1999

TWU wins enforceable rates for couriers & Amazon flex drivers in landmark decision

The Transport Workers’ Union has won a landmark determination that means couriers will receive significant improvements to their enforceable rates of pay – including world-first...

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Issue #1972

200 Truck drivers killed since Road Safety Tribunal abolished

The Transport Workers’ Union has blamed federal government inaction for the deaths of 200 truck drivers

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Issue #1993

Australia reaches 1,000 truck crash deaths since LNP abolished Road Safety Tribunal

The Transport Workers’ Union has demanded urgent Federal action to end dangerous work conditions in road transport, as the truck crash death toll since the...

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Issue #2020


Banks and insurance companies raked in billions according to financial year end of interim results, with CEO pay increasing by tens of millions of dollars....

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Issue #1960

TWU to Amazon, Aldi, Bunnings: Make trucking safer or face action

The Transport Workers’ Union will today announce action in the coming months against some of the biggest global retailers Amazon, Apple and Aldi, as well as domestic brands IGA, Kmart and Bunnings in a bid to make trucking safer and fairer.

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Issue #1977

Truckies in fight of their lives

Seven thousand Toll drivers are in a battle to save their jobs and working conditions.

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Issue #1981

United action to defend conditions

Workers in the maritime and trucking industries are taking industrial action defending their jobs, safe working conditions, and wages.

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Issue #2024

Remove Alan Joyce

Throughout the pandemic Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has consistently proven himself to be the walking embodiment of corporate greed. Alan Joyce took in $5,575,000 –...

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Issue #2013

Big win for gig workers

Gig workers had a ground-breaking win last month when the Personal Injury Commission (PIC) awarded the family of Xiaonjun Chen $834,000 in workers’ compensation after...

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Issue #2057


A major survey conducted by McKell, the Transport Workers Union and TEACHO sheds light on the harsh reality faced by food delivery, rideshare, and AmazonFlex...

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