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Issue #2039

CPA Sunshine Coast’s first meeting

The newest branch of the CPA, the Sunshine Coast, had its first meeting on 9th January. The branch was part of the Brisbane branch before...

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Issue #2042

The bastard banks

The Reserve Bank continues to launch an assault on the working class. The fallacy that interest rate rises are going to do anything other than...

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Issue #2021


All the contradictions. The official unemployment figure is 3.4 per cent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Workers were told that once unemployment...

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Workers Won't Pay for the Crisis Issue #1946

2021 A year of struggles

Welcome back to all the Workers’ Weekly readers. We will have to fight for a better year for all ensuring that workers don’t pay for the crisis.

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Issue #2044

International Unemployment Day

Like all countries dependent on the export trade, Australia’s experience of the Great Depression was particularly severe. By 1932, the national rate of unemployment had...

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Issue #1949

Ignoring workers: the government’s “recovery” is grim

The underemployed need more hours of work. Low and middle-income workers need a wage rise, job security, and affordable public housing.

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Issue #2029

Anti-poverty protest – Adelaide

Poverty is about people struggling, and becoming sick, less employable and ultimately homeless, especially if survival on “jobseeker” is involved. These were the stories of...

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Issue #2043

International Unemployment Day

Sixth March marks International Unemployment Day. Unemployed workers have for centuries borne the scars of class war. Since the rise of capitalism in the 16th...

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Issue #1952

Roll over, roll over for $43.57 a day!

When I imagine cabinet ministers meeting with stakeholders to discuss JobSeeker, I see a bunch of terrifying posh people pushing reports and numbers aside for the night to drink, laugh and celebrate their insidious genius.

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Issue #2020

ACTU pushes for radical reforms ahead of jobs summit

The federal government is holding a Jobs and Skills Summit in early September this year to address the “shared economic challenges” faced by Australians. The...

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Issue #2045

International Unemployment Day

6th March marks International Unemployment Day. Unemployed workers have for centuries borne the scars of class war. Since the rise of capitalism in the 16th...

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Issue #1961

Pro-business – Anti-worker

Women, aged care, and jobs were to be the focus of the 2021-22 federal budget – or so we were led to believe, prior to its release.

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Issue #1957

Workers forced to pay for crisis

Australian government income support for the COVID19 crisis, JobKeeper and JobSeeker, has ceased and been revised from April despite ongoing hardships for workers in Australia relating to the pandemic.

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Issue #2013

New mutual obligations loom over JobSeekers

Despite criticisms from social services advocates, the new employment service Workforce Australia will introduce a point-based system, which is already confusing and causing fear for...

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Issue #2022

Robotdebt royal commission announced

Last month, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese officially called a royal commission into the unlawful debt recovery scheme known as “Robodebt.” The Albanese government has selected...

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Issue #2046

Budget must tackle housing crisis

Housing campaign Everybody’s Home says renters on the lowest incomes will still struggle to make ends meet with the federal government’s meagre rise in Centrelink...

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Empty wallet. Issue #2091


Living standards for the majority of Australians continue to fall while the gap between the wealthy and middle to low-income workers widens. The Reserve Bank...

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Issue #2057

Existing on $13 a day

Young renters on youth allowance sharing a typical two bedroom flat have only $13 a day to cover food, transport, medicine, utilities, and other costs,...

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