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Palestinian flags. Issue #2095

Iran, Israel, and the threat of war

Iran’s drone and missile attack against Israel on 14 April was immediately condemned by the USA and its allies. Israel has vowed to “retaliate.” There...

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Palestine rally Issue #2091

Paths to Palestinian statehood

Israel continues to ignore entreaties from countries around the world, and international bodies. Its plans for Rafah are still going ahead despite increasing multilateral resistance....

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Quill and ink . Issue #2093


Genocide Dear Editor, The terrible ongoing genocide continues in Gaza. I’m utterly astounded that after mere allegations by Israel against a few staff out of...

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Issue #2092

Serious revelations at South Australian West Papua meeting

The recent Australia West Papua Association of South Australia (AWP SA) annual general meeting heard about the  infamous 1969 “act of free choice” which ultimately...

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Issue #2091


As the body count in Gaza and the West Bank continues to rise after hitting 30,000, Richard Marles and Penny Wong claim that Australia is...

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Palestine rally condemning Israeli's genocide. Issue #2094

Criminal Israel – Genocide by famine

The situation in Gaza is nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe with the appalling suffering and loss of life and the urgent and deteriorating humanitarian...

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