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Issue #2024

War preparations are sparking the growth of an Australian peace movement

The indicators that preparations are being made for war are coming thick and fast. Previous governments have committed close to one-quarter of a billion dollars...

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US imperialism. Issue #2073

Crucial role of UN

The main threat to peace comes from a raging US imperialism, which has made clear in words and actions that it has no need for...

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Issue #2024

“AUKUS is about US imperialism”

The following is a contribution delivered by Dr Hannah Middleton to the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) International Conference held in...

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'Endless Holocausts: US Imperialism as the Highest Stage of Capitalism' book cover. Issue #2073

‘Endless Holocausts: US Imperialism as the Highest Stage of Capitalism’ by David M Smith

Endless Holocausts: Mass Death in the History of the United States Empire by David M Smith is an encyclopaedic overview of the atrocities and the...

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Traditional and modern China. Issue #2085

Anti-China economics threaten the world

The mind of the average bourgeois economist at first appears disordered and schizophrenic. But there is an almost orchestrated approach to their anti-China reporting that...

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The anti AUKUS-WA protest held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, WA. Issue #2063

CPA’s Elly Hulm to CPUSA International Conference

Dear Comrades On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, I thank the CPUSA for inviting us to speak and I send our fraternal greetings...

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Issue #2063

Resist the anti-China scare campaign

Australians have real problems, problems that can’t be wished away. Climate change is happening now, and our ALP government is making it worse. There is...

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