The Guardian • USA

Issue #2008

The Washington consensus and growing World poverty

According to the recent World Bank report, From Crisis to Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Recovery (2021), the Third World is facing great hardships with increasing...

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Issue #2027

The ideology of a rogue state: a “rules-based international order”

In the last few years, those of us in Western capitalist countries have heard more and more of a so-called “rules-based international order.” To the...

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Issue #2011


A historical perspective brings into sharper focus US imperialism’s strategies in the Asia-Pacific since WW2. The victory over fascism – German Nazism and Japanese militarism,...

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Taiwan in China's flag. Issue #2084

Taiwan elections: butter before guns

The level of excitement from the USA, Australia and the shrinking clutch of anti-China states about the Taiwanese election is perturbing but hardly surprising. The...

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Quill and ink . Issue #2084


Dear Comrade Editor, The genocidal assault against Gaza has taught us just how far the Israeli regime has shifted to the right, and how closely...

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