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Issue #1954

Greece protests police brutality

In Greece, mass protests have broken out following the release of video footage of a man being beaten with an iron baton by a police officer and held down by two others for breaking lockdown restrictions.

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Issue #1953

Peter Dutton continues to abuse the rights of refugees to healthcare

The Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has once again shown his utter disregard for the health and wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers.

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Issue #1954

150th anniversary of the Paris Commune

The 18th of March marks the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune.

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Issue #1957

“Islamo-Leftism” From conspiracy to policy

“Islamo-Leftism,” or Islamo-Gauchisme (in French), is the latest term in French political discourse to demonise the Islamic community and French universities.

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Issue #1964

“Liberation is within our reach”: Palestine goes on strike

Under Israeli bombardment, Palestinians went on one of the biggest strikes in Palestinian history on 18th May.

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Issue #1960

Generals threaten civil war in open letter to French government

In France a group of military personnel, both active and retired, have penned an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron warning him of what they see as the perils facing the country.

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Issue #1963

“How long will it last?”: Ceasefire in Palestine

A ceasefire was declared between Israel and Hamas on the morning of 21st May, bringing a temporary halt to an eleven-day conflict on the Gaza Strip.

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Issue #1958

30th anniversary of Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Report

The 15th of April marks the 30th anniversary of the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC) report.

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Issue #1972

Socialism: utopian or scientific: a guide

For the final part of this series, we will see how all of the concepts we’ve explored thus far work together to create scientific socialism.

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Issue #2047

175 years of reading the Communist Manifesto

Of course, we have all read, and all do read the Communist Manifesto. This year as we celebrate its 175th anniversary it is imperative to...

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Issue #1958

Australia and the US withdraw from Afghanistan

After Joe Biden’s announcement on 14th April that the United States army will be withdrawing from Afghanistan ...

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Issue #1976

The farce of BHP turning away from fossil fuels

BHP, the world’s second largest mining company, is selling off a lot of its global gas and oil assets to Australian outfit Woodside Petroleum.

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Issue #1977

Senate grants intelligence agencies more power

Three national security bills have been rushed through Parliament this week allowing for greater police and intelligence agency powers.

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Issue #1982

Nurses and midwives deserve better working conditions

Two weeks ago, a petition with over 50,000 signatures called for Australia’s nurses and midwives to receive a COVID disaster payment for their work during...

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Issue #1970

Socialism: Utopian or Scientific: A guide

In the previous article we analysed some of the basic concepts in Engels’ work and what the problem with utopian socialism was.

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Issue #1971

Socialism: Utopian or Scientific – A guide

Uprisings have happened countless times throughout history. Revolutionary transformation is the historical norm, not the exception.

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Issue #1975

Centrelink forces workers to pay back JobKeeper profits

Centrelink has demanded the return of excess JobKeeper funds from recipients while not demanding the same from businesses who turned a profit while accessing the scheme.

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Issue #1952

No space for transphobia on IWD

On the 8th of March, cities across the world will hold rallies in support of International Women’s Day (IWD). IWD is a celebration of women and a day of solidarity and action around women’s issues.

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Issue #2011

Dispatches from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

“Only in a socialist system are the interests of the individual, the state and the collective at one. That is why only a socialist constitution...

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ASIO surveillance photograph of the 1968 May Day March in Wollongong. Issue #1955

“Can’t tell their left from their right” ASIO obscures political ideologies

ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess announced on Wednesday the 17th of March that the agency will be dropping the labels “left-wing” and “right-wing” extremism as well...

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Issue #2028

A big short: Australia’s manufactured skills shortage

The National Skills Commission has revealed in its 2022 Skills Priority List Key Finding Report, that 286 occupations were dealing with shortages at a national...

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Issue #1987

Australia’s growing negligence of the elderly

The NSW ADC has released a new report showing that rates of elder abuse and neglect have been rising during the lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Issue #1988

NSW police block efforts to protect remote Indigenous communities

It has been brought to light that one of NSW’s most senior police officers influenced the state government to reject proposed health measures designed to protect remote Indigenous communities.

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Issue #2013

The systemic failure of child protection services

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual assault, racial victimisation, child abuse, and suicide, involving minors. An investigation conducted by the ABC has found that a staggering number of...

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Issue #1967

WA police access COVID app

The WA government has butted heads with their police force over the police’s ability to access data from the state’s contact-tracing app, SafeWA.

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Issue #2026

“Abolish the monarchy” protests across the country

On 22nd September, thousands of people took to the streets in protest across the country under the banner of “Abolish the monarchy.” These rallies were...

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Issue #1956

Art in the name of exploitation: Dark Mofo’s Union Flag controversy

On 20th March, the organisers of the creative arts festival Dark Mofo put out a chilling call to First Nations people on Instagram: “we want your blood.” Once you read the text beneath the picture, they began to specify that they were asking for blood donations to be used for one of the festival’s performance pieces. The idea behind the “artwork” in question entitled “Union Flag” was to drench the British flag in the blood of First Nations people. This immediately drew swathes of criticism from First Nations peoples and was roundly condemned in the arts community and beyond.

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Issue #1986

Betting the house: the Crown Casino scandal

Royal Commissions in two states, Victoria and Western Australia, into the Crown Casino empire have revealed the enormous amount of corruption.

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Issue #2019

It’s fine to protest, so long as you pay for it

Daniel Andrews’ Victorian Labor government has once again proven its deep commitment and thoughtful approach to environmental sustainability by pushing a bill through parliament that...

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Issue #2012

Australia “opposes” US statement on UN report into human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine

Australia has refused to sign a statement, alongside over twenty other countries, released by the US regarding an inquiry into human rights violations in Palestine...

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Issue #2014

The devil in the details of the “housing crisis”

The latest Census figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have revealed that Australia had over one million unoccupied houses. This is approximately...

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Issue #2015

The devil in the details of the “housing crisis”

In part one, we revealed that approximately one-fifth of households surveyed by the 2021 Census own nearly fifty per cent of the total amount of...

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