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Issue #1969

Cuba is not alone

The Communist Party of Australia recently sent a diplomatic delegation to Canberra.

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Issue #1971

The streets belong to the revolutionaries

The Cuban people celebrate the 26th July spark of the Cuban Revolution. Also called National Day of Revelry commemorates the assault by Fidel Castro and his comrades of the Moncada Barracks

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Issue #1952

IWD Greetings from CPA President

On this important date in which the world marks International Women’s Day, we reflect on the contributions made by women in the transformation of society.

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Issue #1972

Ideology before health

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the failures of capitalism and its neoliberal policies.

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Issue #2002

Reflections on the outcomes of the CPA 14th Congress

The Communist Party of Australia successfully hosted its 14th National Congress at the end of February 2022 and elected a new Central Committee. COVID restrictions...

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Issue #1957

Vale Gilda Chacón-Bravo

It was with great sadness we received the news in Australia of the passing of comrade Gilda Chacón on the 8th April 2021.

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Issue #1986

Build the party for a socialist future!

On Sunday, 31st October, commemorating the 101st anniversary of the CPA, the Central Committee held a Pre-Congress online forum.

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Issue #1979

Getting fully vaccinated

Despite the COVID-19 vaccination not being a panacea against the pandemic, currently it is the best option people have to protect themselves, their families, friends and comrades.

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Issue #1956

Towards the 14th CPA National Congress

The CPA is just commencing the process of Party-wide discussion of the draft Political Resolution to be adopted by the 14th Congress to be held in Sydney on 29-31 October 2021. The upcoming break might be a good opportunity for all Party comrades to exercise their rights to participate under our internal democracy to analyse, discuss, amend and develop the Party document that will guide the Party’s political work for the next four years.

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