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Issue #2021

Public sector alliance rally – WA

In Western Australia there has been a campaign of industrial activity over the past six weeks by more than ten trade unions who make up...

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Issue #2042


One of the biggest con jobs foisted on the Australian public and the planet is Chevron’s $81 billion Gorgon “clean gas” project in WA. It...

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Issue #1985

Rally to protect Aboriginal heritage – Perth

After Rio Tinto infamously blew up the Juukan Gorge in 2020 in the Pilbara gained worldwide attention

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Issue #2049

Alliance against AUKUS

Since the Labor government of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced the funding of the $368 billion (and counting) contract to buy six nuclear submarines under...

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Issue #1964

Remembering the Lock Hospitals of Bernier and Dorre Islands

The Bernier and Dorre Islands are two narrow islands located fifty-two km from the Western Australian port city of Carnarvon.

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Issue #1979

WA Premier announces logging ban of native forests as part of state budget

On the 8th September 2021, in the lead-up to the presentation of the Western Australian State Budget, WA Premier and Treasurer Mark McGowan announced plans to end logging of native forests by mid-2024.

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Issue #2047

Right to housing

On any given night in Western Australia over 9,000 people can be considered homeless, though many more are homeless and not counted as such. How...

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Issue #2047


A vocal and forceful protest demonstration took place at 8 in the morning of 21st March outside the Western Australian Defence Forum (admevents.com.au/western-australia-defence-forum) in Rockingham...

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Firefighters rally for wage justice Issue #2055

Firefighters rally for wage justice

On Thursday 25th May, several hundred members of the United Firefighters Union of WA and their supporters, principally from other trade unions, marched from the...

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youth behind fence Issue #2057

WA: Hopes for change on youth justice

WA’s Inspector of Custodial Services Eamon Ryan has released a damning report on conditions inside Banksia Hill Youth Detention Centre. Ryan prepared the report after...

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