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NATO’s air policing mission over Poland, March 2023. Issue #2057

US-NATO air war provocation

Germany has invited the US and its other NATO allies to start the biggest war provocation in history in its airspace this week. The simulated...

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Issue #1974

China, Russia joint military exercise to combat terrorism and chaos left by US

Russia is set to join a military exercise with China in the Qingtongxia Joint Tactical Training Base.

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US soldier in Shoalwater Bay during Talisman Sabre 2011. Issue #2058

Costly friendship: Australia and the US Civil War

With the AUKUS agreement, the United States military build-up in Australia and the upcoming Exercise Talisman Sabre war games, between the Australian Defence Force (ADF)...

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Issue #2038


PERU: The tense confrontation between the police and protesters seems to be escalating daily. Only last week the police raided the largest public university in...

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Issue #1965

Effect of the military on carbon emissions and soil pollution

Every second year the US and Australian military hold war games, called Talisman Sabre in Queensland, in areas of high environmental significance: some being world heritage areas and natural heritage sites.

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Issue #2053


INDIA: The Indian state of Karnataka held the most crucial state election before parliamentary elections due in 2024. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) suffered...

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PEACE NOTES Issue #2067

More War Games

Australia has just hosted the Malabar Exercises which were held in Sydney and across the NSW south coast from 10th to 21st August. The naval...

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Issue #1971

Stop Talisman Sabre war games!

US-Australian war games, currently being played in Queensland, should be cancelled for compelling security, environmental, economic, and health reasons.

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