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Issue #1989

Health care a right, not a privilege

The Liberal-National Coalition has never supported Medicare, constantly undermining it since its introduction.

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Debit card Issue #1989

The cashless debit card – a “public whip”

What is a cashless “welfare” card?

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Issue #2030

A wellbeing budget for Australia 2022-23 and beyond

Our wellbeing as Australians into the future will be determined very much by what is given priority in the national budget. Because a Labor government...

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Issue #2022

Robotdebt royal commission announced

Last month, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese officially called a royal commission into the unlawful debt recovery scheme known as “Robodebt.” The Albanese government has selected...

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Issue #2023

Jobs and Skills Summit: dangerous illusions for workers

Workers and their families are looking for real change – real wage rises, secure jobs, safe working conditions, with adequately funded and staffed health and...

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