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World economic health (pulse) Issue #2102

Don’t use ‘overcapacity’ to harm economic globalisation

For some time, China has been accused of “overcapacity” in new energy products. This kind of hype is unreasonable and just a carefully crafted distraction,...

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Issue #1983

Conservation, climate and communities

The Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) held its Annual Conference.

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Issue #1965

WA housing crisis

Since the moratorium on evictions and rent-rises ran out at the end of March, Western Australia has been experiencing a housing crisis and a rising number of unhoused people as we head into winter.

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Issue #1990

Public Sector Alliance action

Earlier this year, six unions – CPSU/CSA, SSTUWA, UWU, RTBU, and HSU – allied to form the Public Sector Alliance (PSA).

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Issue #2012

Public Sector Alliance mass bargaining meeting, workers Embassy Parliament House – Perth

In mid-2021, unions with members in the Western Australian Public Sector formed the Public Sector Alliance (PSA) to present a united position on a wage...

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Issue #2044

School strike for action on climate change

On 3rd March, about 100 mostly school children rallied in the Supreme Gardens in Perth directly opposite one of the principal corporate emitters of carbon...

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Issue #2052


Anna Pha If you think the transition to renewables and following what the climate science dictates means phasing out fossil fuels, that’s not what the...

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Speakers from left to right: Josie Alec, Sophie McNeill, Violet Coco, Joana Partyka. Issue #2054

The right to protest

As capitalism and its extractivist resource corporations continue exploiting the last portions of carbon from this earth and putting it into the atmosphere to keep...

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Wind farm in Shanxi, China. Issue #2080

China’s market, Australia’s opportunity

Since the beginning of this year, the Chinese economy has withstood both risks and challenges from abroad, as well as the downward pressure brought by...

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Issue #1955

WA election a double-edged sword for workers

Western Australians went to the polls on the 13th of March in a historic state election. The Australian Labor Party (ALP), coming from a substantial majority in the last election, obliterated the two other major parties, and Premier Mark McGowan retained his seat for another term.

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Shanghai skyline. Issue #2100

China’s new development – Australia’s new opportunity

What people should worry about is not whether China’s growth would peak, but whether they would miss the opportunities in China. China’s economy has made...

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Wallet with credit cards. Issue #2072

West Australia: Public Sector wages update

In the build-up to the Western Australian government releasing its next wages policy before the end of the year, the State Treasury offered a briefing...

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The open pit of the Greenbushes mine, Western Australia. Issue #2076

WA confirmed as climate pariah

Grassroots activists Lock the Gate Alliance have condemned the WA Cook government’s release of thousands of square kilometres for oil and gas exploration across the...

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Issue #2067


The increasing concentration of wealth and power among mega-corporations, facilitated in no small part by rigged rules of the global economy, is undermining democracy, economic...

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Wittenoom Gorge Mine Issue #2091

Workers’ lives at risk over asbestos secrecy

Unions have urged energy giant Esso to come clean on its plans to safely remove deadly asbestos from retired oil and gas platforms in the...

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Issue #2074


When the Nazis needed to put their despatch of people to concentration camps on a more efficient basis, whom did they turn to? Their good...

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The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union WA Issue #2102

AMWU WA branch condemns genocide in Gaza

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union 121 Royal St East Perth 6004 AMWU WA branch condemns genocide in Gaza and calls on the Australian Government to...

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