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Papua New Guinea National Parliament, Port Moresby. Issue #2102

Papua New Guinea: disaster and the hand of capital

The tragic loss of life in the landslide in Papua New Guinea has shown just how pitiably inadequate is the level of infrastructure in the...

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Palestinian flags. Issue #2095

Recognise Palestine!

The United Nations is set to vote to potentially recognise a Palestinian state. There is only one obstacle to achieving this. That obstacle is the...

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International ships participating in the 2018 RIMPAC exercise moor at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. Issue #2107

Drive to war: RIMPAC 2024

The US-sponsored ‘Rim of the Pacific’ (RIMPAC) military exercises have just begun. This show of naval force is the world’s largest. Vice Admiral John Wade,...

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Perth rally for Palestine on Saturday 8 June. Issue #2103

Palestine: the genocide continues

The killing in Gaza goes on. The only difference in the past weeks has been the intensity of Israeli attacks and the indiscriminate killing of...

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Palestinian rally, Boorloo/Perth 18 May 2024. Issue #2100

Israel’s slaughter goes on – Opposition grows

The slaughter in Gaza goes on. The lies, distortions and hypocrisy from Israel and its allies go on. The anniversary of Nakba, the catastrophe of...

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Issue #2099

‘Squad’ of nations formed to confront and provoke China

A new US-dominated bloc aimed at ‘challenging’ China is now almost complete. The grouping unites the USA, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia in what is...

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Issue #2102

Socialism versus capitalism – connection versus alienation

What makes a ten-year old child commit suicide? What makes a 17-year-old girl stab her younger sister? What drives someone to become a mass killer?...

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Palestinian flags. Issue #2095

Iran, Israel, and the threat of war

Iran’s drone and missile attack against Israel on 14 April was immediately condemned by the USA and its allies. Israel has vowed to “retaliate.” There...

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Issue #2108

Israel uses ‘deliberate starvation’

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has moved to charge Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Defence Minister, Gallant with promoting ‘deliberate starvation.’ UN Secretary-General Antonio...

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Netanyahu remains committed to “complete victory” in Gaza. Issue #2096

Palestine, Israel, Iran, and capitalism

It is now more than six months since the Israeli military machine began its genocidal assault against the population of Gaza. People have been horrified...

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Australian Defence Force Signaller during Talisman Sabre 2011 at Shoalwater Bay. Issue #2094

An Australian Pacific Battalion: mutual defence or imperialist domination?

A report, Regional security and Pacific partnerships, has just been published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). One of this right-wing think tank’s major...

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US President Joe Biden. Issue #2082

Halifax International Security Forum: a thieves’ kitchen

The Halifax International Security Forum has just completed its annual summit in Nova Scotia. It describes itself as a forum and network for international government...

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Traditional and modern China. Issue #2085

Anti-China economics threaten the world

The mind of the average bourgeois economist at first appears disordered and schizophrenic. But there is an almost orchestrated approach to their anti-China reporting that...

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Chinatown Melbourne. Issue #2105

Where our real national interest lies

The visit of Chinese Premier Li Qiang to Australia has revealed much about this country and how it views its relationship with China. Two distinct...

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Show of military air force Issue #2103

Shangri-la an exercise in US coercion and bullying

The Shangri-la Dialogue, a regular international gathering organised by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), has recently concluded in Singapore. Described as a “world-leading...

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Containers at wharf. Issue #2100

Biden anti-China tariffs threaten global economy

US President Biden has announced a range of tariffs on imported Chinese goods. It is a decision that will have negative implications for the USA’s...

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People performs Tai Chi at the People’s Square of Urumqi, Tianshan District. Issue #2092

China’s defence budget and the lies of imperialism

China will increase its defence spending by 7.2 per cent in the coming year. Predictably, ‘warnings’ came from the West. The cry is that the...

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French President Macron Issue #2104

The French election and the Popular Front

French President Macron, in calling an early election was hoping to head off an imminent threat from the far-right National Rally (RN) party of Marie...

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Papua New Guinean Prime Minister James Marape. Issue #2097

Papua New Guinea, Australia, USA: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Two state visits and an insult of huge proportions. All this in just a little more one rather tumultuous week for Papua New Guinea. There...

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A woman covers her son with a blanket after fleeing the war from neighbouring Ukraine at the border crossing in Medyka, southeastern Poland. Issue #2105

The sham of the Ukraine ‘Peace’ Summit

The much-vaunted Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland came and went. The world media reminded us almost daily of the unanimity of support, of the depth...

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South China Sea being stirred by USA - cartoon Issue #2101

Taiwan, separatism, and military drills: the propaganda war intensifies

Recently media has been abuzz  about Chinese military drills around Taiwan. The focus of the news has been on the alleged dangers posed by China...

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A woman covers her son with a blanket after fleeing the war from neighbouring Ukraine at the border crossing in Medyka, southeastern Poland. Issue #2090

Desperation and self-deception in Imperialism’s war against Russia

The US-NATO war against Russia has gone very badly. It is now two years since the first shots were fired and there is a sense...

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Spy. Issue #2086

Op-Ed: Yang Hengjun and the fury of the Australian state

The fury that has been unleashed by the Australian government, state and media following the sentencing of Yang Hengjun in Beijing deserves some thought. He...

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Issue #2108

NATO Summit beats the drums of war

The 75th anniversary of NATO has concluded. At its recent Summit, Ukraine was top of the agenda, and it is clear that its proxy war...

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Map of Lebanon Issue #2103

Israel threatens war with Lebanon

For eight months the world has watched and been horrified at Israel’s barbaric assault on Gaza. For eight months there has been a less well-reported,...

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International trade Issue #2105

Europe being drawn into US trade war

There has been a meeting of G7 finance ministers and central bankers high on the agenda was China and how the G7 should respond to...

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Gaza mother with child amongst destruction Issue #2106

Israeli destruction could spread

US presidential candidates Biden and Trump don’t have much in common – except for blind support for Israel and an almost rabid animosity toward Palestine....

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Taiwan in China's flag. Issue #2084

Taiwan elections: butter before guns

The level of excitement from the USA, Australia and the shrinking clutch of anti-China states about the Taiwanese election is perturbing but hardly surprising. The...

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Communist hammer and sickle on red star. Issue #2073

Ideological warriors buckle on their anti-China armour

What prompted Greg Sheridan was a Chinese Communist Party reshuffle. This, in The Australian’s opinion, raises “many questions but few answers as China’s leader embarks...

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NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Issue #2085

NATO, USA war drills and the threat of imperialist war

The next three months will see NATO forces flexing their muscles in a provocative set of war games and manoeuvres in Europe. 90,000 troops will...

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A woman covers her son with a blanket after fleeing the war from neighbouring Ukraine at the border crossing in Medyka, southeastern Poland. Issue #2100

Peace in Ukraine? China’s initiative

Wars always end. How they end is important. China has just announced four principles that would support peace initiatives. This builds on its earlier broad,...

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Senator the Hon Penny Wong Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Right Honourable James Cleverly, UK Foreign Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Richard Marles, Lieutenant Colonel and Captain the Right Honorable Ben Wallace, UK Secretary of State for Defence. Issue #2096

$100 billion arms budget

The announcement by Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, that Australia’s military spending will reach 2.4 per cent of GDP is chilling news. This means a...

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Tangshanpeng Wind Farm. Issue #2081

COP28 and China’s gift to the world

The United Nations Climate Change Conference/ Conference of the Parties, better known as COP28, has convened, but there is nothing to celebrate. It is a...

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Tuvalu: reclaimed land. Issue #2090

Tuvalu, elections and climate catastrophe

On 26 January, the people of Tuvalu went to the polls. On 26 February, the election of a new Prime Minister, Feleti Teo, was announced....

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NZ soldiers in creek playing war games. Issue #2087

Australia and New Zealand’s ‘seamless’ march to militarisation

The latest step in the militarisation of the Indo-Pacific has been taken. The inaugural ANZMIN ‘2+2’ joint meeting of Australian and New Zealand foreign and...

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Issue #2080

Albanese in Tuvalu

Anthony Albanese’s return from Beijing, via Tuvalu, was accompanied by much fanfare. The media largely focused on what has been presented as a triumph of...

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Debit card Issue #2108

Jim Chalmers: ‘you can bank on us’

Australian Treasurer, Jim Chalmers’, has announced that the government will inject $6.3 million for initiatives to bolster Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism laws in the...

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Issue #2067

ALP Conference and the path to war

“If you’re pro-human rights, you need to be pro-AUKUS. If you’re pro-peace, you need to be pro-AUKUS. If you’re pro-advanced manufacturing, you need to be...

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March for Gaza, Washington DC, 2024. Issue #2101

Israeli war crimes

Two events have damned Israel’s genocidal campaign and further exposed the criminal role of the United States in supporting the slaughter in Gaza. The decision...

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In Borloo/Perth, about 500 people attended a snap rally in solidarity with the people of Rafah. Speakers called for the recognition of Palestine and a permanent ceasefire. Issue #2102

Gaza: Biden’s ‘red lines’ lie

Israeli atrocities and war crimes continue. Western leaders continue to act out grief, even outrage, but nothing is done. A few courageous exceptions, such as...

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A Scottish protester displaying his Issue #2099

UN votes for Palestine, genocide continues

The United Nations has voted on whether to grant Palestine’s right to recognition as a member-state. The votes have been counted. The killing goes on....

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Netanyahu: “the idea that we will stop the war before achieving all of its goals is out of the question.” Issue #2098

Netanyahu promises to continue the genocide

As the Guardian goes to press, the ground invasion of Rafah has begun. The fate of the Palestinian people in Gaza and in the West...

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Issue #2104

Palestine: US roadblock to peace

The slaughter in Gaza goes on. Since the United Nations Security Council resolution of a three-phase ‘peace plan’ the death rate in Gaza has significantly...

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