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US President Joe Biden. Issue #2082

Halifax International Security Forum: a thieves’ kitchen

The Halifax International Security Forum has just completed its annual summit in Nova Scotia. It describes itself as a forum and network for international government...

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Traditional and modern China. Issue #2085

Anti-China economics threaten the world

The mind of the average bourgeois economist at first appears disordered and schizophrenic. But there is an almost orchestrated approach to their anti-China reporting that...

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Spy. Issue #2086

Op-Ed: Yang Hengjun and the fury of the Australian state

The fury that has been unleashed by the Australian government, state and media following the sentencing of Yang Hengjun in Beijing deserves some thought. He...

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Communist hammer and sickle on red star. Issue #2073

Ideological warriors buckle on their anti-China armour

What prompted Greg Sheridan was a Chinese Communist Party reshuffle. This, in The Australian’s opinion, raises “many questions but few answers as China’s leader embarks...

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Taiwan in China's flag. Issue #2084

Taiwan elections: butter before guns

The level of excitement from the USA, Australia and the shrinking clutch of anti-China states about the Taiwanese election is perturbing but hardly surprising. The...

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NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Issue #2085

NATO, USA war drills and the threat of imperialist war

The next three months will see NATO forces flexing their muscles in a provocative set of war games and manoeuvres in Europe. 90,000 troops will...

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Issue #2080

Albanese in Tuvalu

Anthony Albanese’s return from Beijing, via Tuvalu, was accompanied by much fanfare. The media largely focused on what has been presented as a triumph of...

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Tangshanpeng Wind Farm. Issue #2081

COP28 and China’s gift to the world

The United Nations Climate Change Conference/ Conference of the Parties, better known as COP28, has convened, but there is nothing to celebrate. It is a...

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NZ soldiers in creek playing war games. Issue #2087

Australia and New Zealand’s ‘seamless’ march to militarisation

The latest step in the militarisation of the Indo-Pacific has been taken. The inaugural ANZMIN ‘2+2’ joint meeting of Australian and New Zealand foreign and...

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Issue #2067

ALP Conference and the path to war

“If you’re pro-human rights, you need to be pro-AUKUS. If you’re pro-peace, you need to be pro-AUKUS. If you’re pro-advanced manufacturing, you need to be...

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