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Issue #1974


I want to join the Communist Party of Australia because I’m tired of seeing the world and the working class exploited and poisoned

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Issue #1949

Musings on governance: past, present, and future

The present lack of mass support for a genuinely working-class party in countries such as Australia, the UK, and the US, is a void that ensures that the mainstream space of political discourse is unanimous in its backing for ruling-class interests, against those of the working people.

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Issue #1996

Brisbane branch campaign against AUKUS, casualisation, and climate change

There is no rest for the Brisbane Branch of the CPA as we continue our campaign against the IR omnibus Bill, the AUKUS nuclear submarine...

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Issue #1957

Workers forced to pay for crisis

Australian government income support for the COVID19 crisis, JobKeeper and JobSeeker, has ceased and been revised from April despite ongoing hardships for workers in Australia relating to the pandemic.

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Issue #2004

For a workers’ democracy

At the end of this month, Australians will participate in another federal election. Our elections, an expression of bourgeois democracy, are often presented as an...

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