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Issue #2017

Marx’s vampire capitalism and the present economic crisis

Friedrich Engels in his The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845) refers to “the vampire property-holding class.” Twenty years later, Karl Marx uses...

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2095


In a landmark victory for the working class, a group of Swiss women, united under the banner of KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz (Senior Women for Climate Protection)...

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Issue #2006

The Communist Party in the workers’ movement

May Day, or International Workers’ Day, is one of the most important days for the working class around the world. It is a day to...

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Issue #2017

Corporate bosses’ greed another knife in the back of the Australian working class

As the inflation rate soars to 6.1 per cent and the Australian working class grapples with a cost-of-living crisis, corporate CEOs are taking home more...

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Issue #2045

International Unemployment Day

6th March marks International Unemployment Day. Unemployed workers have for centuries borne the scars of class war. Since the rise of capitalism in the 16th...

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Perth IWD 2024. Issue #2094

Women and Class Struggle

Every International Women’s Day, there are discussions about how we empower women, and in almost none of them is the key term that gets us...

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Issue #2028

No more tax cuts for the rich

Australia’s “Labor” Party can be incredibly frustrating to those who don’t want to see a return of the Coalition but who also want serious, progressive...

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Issue #2044

We must win the battle of ideas

Working people around the capitalist world have been hit hard from the employer class. Capitalists will always look at how to improve profit margins from...

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Issue #2091

CPA greeting to the 90th anniversary of the Iraqi Communist Party

Read Fahmy General Secretary Iraqi Communist Party Dear Comrade, The Communist Party of Australia conveys its warm greetings to the members and leadership of the...

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