The Guardian • Xinjiang

Issue #1983

First counter-terrorism exhibit held outside Xinjiang

An exhibition on the counter-terrorism situation in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was displayed in Beijing – the first time such an exhibit was held outside the region.

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Issue #1970

How big a security threat does China face as Taliban draws closer to border with Xinjiang?

There are increasing concerns that Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is facing a resurgence of terrorism infiltrating through the Wakhan corridor, on the Afghanistan border.

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Wind farm in Shanxi, China. Issue #2080

China’s market, Australia’s opportunity

Since the beginning of this year, the Chinese economy has withstood both risks and challenges from abroad, as well as the downward pressure brought by...

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Chinese Consul General HE Long Dingbin delivering his speech for the Chinese New Year. Issue #2086

Building a community with a shared future for mankind

The year 2023 has just passed, while the globe is gradually emerging from the haze of COVID-19 pandemic, the world is neither peaceful nor tranquil...

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Shanghai skyline. Issue #2100

China’s new development – Australia’s new opportunity

What people should worry about is not whether China’s growth would peak, but whether they would miss the opportunities in China. China’s economy has made...

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