Youth Allowance

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Issue #2052


Courtesy of the Morning Star comes news that imprisoned journalist Julian Assange has written to Charles Windsor inviting him to visit him in His Majesty’s...

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Issue #2050

Open letter to Albanese: Raise the rate

Politicians academics, business leaders, community advocates and other prominent Australians have joined in a rare display of unity to urge the Prime Minister to implement...

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coins Issue #2101

People’s budget – Working class solutions

The 2024-25 Budget threw crumbs to workers, their families, the unemployed, and the environment while lining the pockets of fossil fuel corporations and the military-industrial...

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Issue #2057

Existing on $13 a day

Young renters on youth allowance sharing a typical two bedroom flat have only $13 a day to cover food, transport, medicine, utilities, and other costs,...

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Broken piggy bank Issue #2100

More for war in a class budget

“In a cost-of-living crisis, the Labor government is choosing to remove $14.4 billion in funding from the NDIS that will lead to disabled people not...

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