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Family moments. Issue #2058

Child labour common in US

Children are our future, and they need to be taken good care of in any society. However, in the United States, child labour is common...

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Issue #1964

Australia’s age of criminal responsibility is “archaic”

Australia is being urged by 31 countries of the United Nations to reconsider our archaic laws regarding the age of criminal responsibility.

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Issue #1991

Interview with comrade Ekin Sönmez from the Communist Party of Turkey

Comrade Ekin Sönmez is a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP). Our comrades at the Guardian – The Workers’...

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Issue #2039

CPA Sunshine Coast’s first meeting

The newest branch of the CPA, the Sunshine Coast, had its first meeting on 9th January. The branch was part of the Brisbane branch before...

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Issue #1951

Qld Labor government’s misguided crackdown on juvenile crime

The Queensland Labor government announced on Wednesday, 9th February, that it will be cracking down on juvenile crime, a move many legal advocacy groups have immediately and roundly condemned.

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Issue #1948

Military uses predatory recruitment on Australian youth

The end of 2020 brought about the end of a particularly difficult and disruptive year 12 for the nation’s school leavers.

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Issue #2023

Juvenile justice a system in crisis

With frequent unlawful lock downs of over twenty hours per day, ostensibly caused by staff shortages, incarcerated youth are being denied access to formal education,...

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Issue #1983

Young Workers’ Centre releases report into young migrant workers in the act

The Young Workers’ Centre, a Unions ACT initiative assisting young workers in Canberra, has released a report on the experiences of young migrant workers in the nation’s capital.

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Quill and ink . Issue #2072


Voice for the young As a Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man I am supporting the yes vote for the Voice. Say Yes so...

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Global briefs Issue #2090


PAKISTAN: The Cabinet Committee on Energy has approved the beginning of the construction of an 80 km segment of the 800 km long pipeline from the...

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Issue #2052


Courtesy of the Morning Star comes news that imprisoned journalist Julian Assange has written to Charles Windsor inviting him to visit him in His Majesty’s...

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Issue #2043

Privatisation inquiry call

The Sydney public hospital now controlled in the Cayman Islands is not subject to penalties for healthcare failures. Michael West reports on calls for a...

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Issue #2104


Dr Anshu Banerjee, Director of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Ageing at the World Health Organization (WHO): “While awareness of climate change has...

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Wyndham Youth Aborignal Corporation Staff. Issue #2064

Youth corporation in Kimberley lacks funds

A Youth Aboriginal Corporation in the Kimberley has told Ngaarda Media that it would have to close its doors temporarily due to a lack of...

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youth behind fence Issue #2049

NT: Jailing your way out of crime never works

Lawyers are concerned that new bail laws recently passed in the NT will not reduce crime and will disproportionately affect Indigenous people. The Criminal Lawyers...

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Issue #2039

A lesson in neglect and discrimination

Bans on alcohol sales in the Northern Territory were lifted on July 16, 2022. Almost six months later, the media is filled with alarmist stories...

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Issue #2057

Existing on $13 a day

Young renters on youth allowance sharing a typical two bedroom flat have only $13 a day to cover food, transport, medicine, utilities, and other costs,...

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youth behind fence Issue #2057

WA: Hopes for change on youth justice

WA’s Inspector of Custodial Services Eamon Ryan has released a damning report on conditions inside Banksia Hill Youth Detention Centre. Ryan prepared the report after...

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