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The CPA supports the right of young people to build a better future. Its policies of action and struggle aim to further strengthen the optimism and self-esteem of young people. It assists young people to realise that with their struggle, together with working men and women, they are capable of gaining the right to live a full, productive life and build a bright future.

We strongly advocate that united action and awareness should be the answer young people give to the conservative sections of society which desperately attempt to direct young people towards social inactivity, political apathy, defeatism and isolation.

The CPA opposes the conservative forces which promote racism, nationalism and chauvinism among young people, while eliminating the ideals of equality, solidarity and social justice from their radical youthful nature.

The CPA is convinced that the social problems facing young people today are the direct result of the decadent capitalist system and the conservative policies of Australian governments and their pro-big-business priorities.

Specifically, the CPA stands for:

  • the right of young people to live in a peaceful, democratic and independent Australia
  • the right to have access to free public education where progressive curricula and equal access constitute the main characteristics of a meaningful public education system reflecting the changing needs of society
  • the right to work and to secure and productive employment which guarantees that young people have the capacity to address changing social, professional and cultural needs
  • a better quality of life in a safe environment with adequate leisure time and cultural, sporting and recreational opportunities
  • a living income for students and unemployed youth and provision of housing and support services for homeless youth
  • no work for the dole but real jobs and real wages
  • defence and expansion of the democratic freedoms and rights of young people at all levels of social and political life, ensuring the pro-active participation of youth in all aspects of life
  • right to vote from the age of 16
  • stop fake traineeships and pay full wages to those performing work of equal value
  • elimination of all kind of discrimination of young people due to gender, ethnic background or sexual preference

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