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International solidarity

International solidarity

The Communist Party of Australia is internationalist in its outlook and considers international solidarity a duty. Capitalism is a globalised system of oppression and exploitation that requires a unified response from the workers of the world. The CPA is part of a world Communist movement and contributes to the co-ordination of the movement by various means including participation whenever possible in the International Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties held annually in different cities around the world. It maintains an International Department attached to its Central Committee, develops relations with other communist parties and supports international solidarity movements.

The Communist movement has a proud record of international solidarity going back to its foundation in 1920. Party members supported the Republican government against the fascists in Spain in the 1930s. Several members volunteered to fight in the International Brigades. It rallied support for the Soviet Union in the early days of socialist construction and especially during WW2 with the campaign for “Sheepskins for Russia”. The Party organised to stop the exports of pig-iron to Japan, which was occupying China at the time. After the war, members on the waterfront acted in solidarity with the Indonesians seeking independence from the Dutch and solidarity with the new peoples’ democracies in Europe. Members played a crucial role in the massive campaign to “ban the bomb” in post-war years.

The CPA was deeply involved in the opposition to the US-led invasion of Vietnam and attacks on other South-East Asian countries. More recently, the Party has campaigned against the presence of US bases on Australian soil and involvement in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. It has been active in the campaigns for the independence of East Timor and Bougainville. Members have been active in community groups building solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela, the political prisoners in Colombia, the struggle of the Palestinian people for sovereignty and many other urgent causes before the international Communist movement. The Party continues to support appropriate boycotts, sanctions and divestment with regard to the right-wing Zionist government of Israel.

The main priority of the Communist Party of Australia in its political work will continue to be the organisation of the working class for the defence of workers and other exploited people in this country. This in no way suggests that we will shirk our responsibility to contribute to the global struggle against capitalism and imperialism. Party organisations and individual members will continue to support solidarity campaigns through social media, actions within their trade unions and in other ways. We celebrate the breakthroughs made by our brothers and sisters overseas and wish to do all in our means to help achieve those victories.

The CPA at its National Congress in 2013 confirmed that it will continue to:

  • Offer solidarity to international campaigns and struggles.
  • Attend meetings of fraternal communist and workers organisations to the extent that our human and financial resources permit.
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