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LGBTQI rights

LGBTQI rights

LGBTQI is an acronym referring to a group of identities that includes, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgendered, queer and intersex people, encompassing other sexualities and gender diverse people.

A socialist society is one that aspires to equality for all its citizens. Capitalism uses the tactic of targeting and demonising minorities within the community as a way of dividing the working class and distracting them from the true economic and social problems that exist within a society.

The Communist Party has supported the case for full legal and social equality for the LGBTQI community and the removal of all discriminatory laws that continue to exist.

The Communist Party affirms its support for equality for all people regardless of sexual preference and identity.

The CPA supports the following policies:

  • Recognising same sex and gender variant marriages.
  • Strengthening anti-discrimination legislation to protect those in the LGBTQI community and those people living with HIV.
  • Removing existing exemptions from anti-discrimination legislation in relation to employment in private schools, the insurance industry, the tax system, superannuation etc.
  • Legislating against the use of non-violent homosexual “advance” as a defence of “provocation” in violent crime in South Australia.
  • Extending same sex relationships equal status with heterosexual de factos in superannuation, immigration, taxation, welfare, family law, industrial relations and any other laws and regulations.
  • Reducing the age of consent for sex between men to 16 years.
  • Providing government funding for LGBTQI youth programs including refugees and housing services, health services, coming out, self-esteem and suicide prevention programs.
  • Public funding for anti-discrimination and anti-violence programs, and firmer laws regarding the separation of religion and government where they impact upon the LGBTQI community.
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