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Social Media Guidelines for CPA comrades

CPA members are increasingly communicating via social media (Facebook, X and other social media accounts).

Many comrades, their relatives and friends follow this trend and its use has become very common. There is a blurred line between what is personal, individual or Party views or political commentary or Party discussion. This brings its own difficulties for our comrades and potentially damage to the image and authority of the Party. All party members need to be aware of the potential for the creation of disunity and misunderstanding that can arise from the misuse of social media by comrades.

These guidelines do not intent to interfere in our comrades’ personal business or bring into question our internal democracy. However, the exercise of our rights and responsibilities must be exercised inside the Party structures. The right of comrades to be critical of the leadership and other members must be done within the Party structures only and under democratic centralism.

Social Media aims:

The CPA encourages all comrades to actively use and participate in social media. The intention of anyone having a social media site is to distribute information and comment to a larger group of people who often are not party members.

Social Media Guidelines:

When interacting on social media comrades should consider:

  1. All interactions via social media should be considered public and could be taking as being in the name of the party.
  2. Always be very careful when making humorous, frivolous or trivial even non-political posts.
  3. Avoid or minimise social media interaction with other political tendencies;
  4. Do not engage in “trolling”, abuse or threats;
  5. Social media works best when comrades “like” or “” other comrades’ posts and comments.
  6. Facebook debate can be temping but if in doubt discuss with other comrades how best to follow the CPA social media guidelines, learn from your lapses. Show or remind other comrades the best way to interact via social media.
  7. Avoid social media during “negative and aggressive subjective interactions” consult with comrades & leadership before resuming social media usage.
  8. Treat social media the same as interaction with the public. Avoid ultra-left and sectarian statements, respect democratic centralism. Avoid any statement that is anti-worker, express discrimination against women, youth, and other minorities in the community, and is racist or xenophobic.
  9. Avoid any statement against the party, its policies, members or leadership. Comments on these matters on social media cannot help or constructively contribute to the promotion of the party or resolution of internal Party matters.
  10. Try to always be positive and constructive about social activism, real change and the party.

PDF of CPA Guidelines on social media

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