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US Imperialism in Asia

US Imperialism in Asia

After World War II, British colonialism was replaced by US imperialism in Australia as the dominant economic, political and military power. Today, Australia’s military forces and foreign policies are integrated into US policies and military machine. Australia continues as an economic and military base for US imperialism.

In November 2011, US President Obama and Australia’s then Prime Minister Gillard announced an expansion of joint US and Australian military activities in Australia and the Asian and the Indo-Pacific region.

Citing the 60th anniversary of ANZUS, the US sent a thinly veiled message to China: that it needs to change its economic policies, its political system and accept US domination in the region.

Behind the US military escalation is America’s economic decline, the global economic crisis and fear of the economic growth of China that is beginning to challenge US economic and political dominance throughout the region, including Australia.

The US has sent a 2,500-strong Marine Air-Ground Task Force to be rotated through Darwin. Australian defence forces will be further integrated into the US military under US command, especially though increased joint military exercises.

There will be a build up of US warships, submarines, B-52 bombers, fighters, other aircraft and equipment, supplies and weapons (possibly nuclear) based in Australia. Joint exercises with Australian and US will be increased. Stirling in WA will play an increased role and drones will be based on the Cocos Islands.

Australia has already undertaken a relocation of its own military forces with two thirds of the Army’s combat forces now in the NT and nearly half the fleet in WA, in line with US strategic plans to contain China and dominate the South China Sea.

The US controls many important trade shipping lanes and has many military bases and troops stationed throughout the region to protect its present and future economic investments, control of resources and markets and political power.

The new US imperialist military expansion and provocations in the Asia Pacific are a threat to peace and national sovereignty of countries and people in the region.

US imperialism is the main instigator of imperialist wars for control of resources, markets and for its monopoly capital investments across the globe. Australia’s military integration into the US imperialist war machine assists the US to wage predatory wars against people and nations.

The Communist Party of Australia campaigns for peace and for Australia’s sovereignty and independence and to build friendship and solidarity with the people of Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

The CPA advocates:

  • The removal of US military and intelligence bases from Australia.
  • The removal of US military and intelligence bases from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Opposition to Australia’s role as a US proxy in the Asia and Indo-Pacific region.
  • The promotion of an independent Australian foreign policy that builds peace, and respects the independence and sovereignty of countries and people in the Asia-Pacific.
  • Exposing and opposing foreign armaments corporations in Australia.
  • Opposing the development of an armaments industry in Australia.
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