George Dimitrov – Against Fascism and War

George Dimitrov – Against Fascism and War


by George Dimitrov
International Publishers NY, 1986
Paperback – 125 pages


Against Fascism and War, contains the famous report to the 7th World Congress of the Communist International, 1935 by George Dimitrov and a 1936 speech on The People’s Front. There is a foreword by James West from the Communist Party USA giving a historical background to the great Bulgarian Communist leader who was elected as General Secretary of the International.

He concluded his speech on The People’s Front with the words: “In the struggle against fascism and war, not empty words, not platonic wishes, but action is needed. To achieve this action it is necessary to bring about the unification of all forces of the working class and to carry out unswervingly the policy of the People’s Front.”

His call for anti-fascist unity has particular relevance today with the rise of neo-Nazis and other extreme right-wing forces and economic crises facing capitalist states.