Anton Chekov: Collected Works Volume Four

Anton Chekov: Collected Works Volume Four


Translated by Olga Shartse and Ivy Litvinov
Raduga Publishers, Moscow, 1988
Hardcover – 431 pages

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“Chekov’s stories, both long and short, in which there is as little sentimentality as there is moisture in an autumn leaf, these precise and accurate sketches, these graphic lessons, so indisputable in their radiant clarity, where humour is the heart’s refuge — they enter into us whether we will it or not, like the heat or cold … . If I had not read and reread Chekov, could I ever have seen those tremendous images that are still alive in my heart? His books merged with life, life took his books by storm, the watershed between imagination and reality disappeared … .” Elsa Triolet, writer (1896 – 1970). (From inside cover.)