But now we want the land back

But now we want the land back


by Hannah Middleton
New Age Publishers, Sydney, 1977
Paper back – 202 pages


This is the first Marxist analysis of the history of the Australian Aborigines. It is a partisan book, carefully documented but also human and moving. The Aborigines have lived in Australia for at least 60,000 years; white people for 220. In the book the balanced and cooperative nature of Aboriginal traditional society, the brutal and tragic story of white colonisation and the growth of organised black resistance to discrimination and exploitation are analysed.

In the final section the place of the Aboriginal national minority in the Australian nation is shown and the role of the capitalist establishment, the media and ultra radical ideology in destroying the crucial land rights campaign and in splitting the Aborigines from their white working class allies is exposed. It ends with an assessment of the future for the first Australians and an appeal for unity in the struggle for their rights.

This book is essential reading for anyone committed to justice and equality for the Aboriginal people of Australia.