Can Capitalism Last? A Marxist Update

Can Capitalism Last? A Marxist Update


by Daniel Rubin
International Publishers, NY, 2010
Paperback – 197 pages


The book seeks to show why the influence of Marxism and socialism is growing and what value they have for the working people and the struggle for a better life. It brings together the major subjects of Marxism while dealing with contemporary developments such as the Soviet Union, Cuba and China. While making specific applications to the situation in the US, it is still very relevant to readers in Australia.

The chapters cover the social ills of our time; political economy of capitalism; historical materialism; socialism and communism; getting there from here; Marxist methodology; and organisations necessary for winning progress and socialism.

There is a very handy 13-page glossary explaining many of the terms used in the book. These range from the classic like surplus value, idealism, sectarianism through to the more recent financialisation and globalisation.