Clara Zetkin: Selected Writings

Clara Zetkin: Selected Writings


edited by Philip S Foner
International Publishers, New York, 1984
Paperback – 206 pages

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“In January, 1915, the British journal Labour Womanwrote of Clara Zetkin: ‘She is Socialist in her very fibre, and she is a fighter ready to face death rather than give way in any issue of import in the people’s struggle.

“Through her journal Gleichheit (Equality), with a circulation in 1914 of 125,000 … she was able to exert a powerful influence in the formation of socialist and communist policy on the woman question, and on the policy of a number of trade unions toward women workers …

“Clara Zetkin called upon the workers to throw their whole power into the struggle against imperialist wars without the slightest hesitation or reserve.”

From the introduction by Philip S Foner.