Tales of the Middle Ages

Tales of the Middle Ages


Compiled by Natalia Zaporozhets and Ada Svanidze
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1986
Hard back – 244 pages

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The tales in this book are written by professional authors and historians. They describe various aspects of the medieval history of Western, Central and Eastern Europe and also of some Oriental countries between 5th and 15th centuries.

Those thousand years witnessed many important events, such as the emergence of most modern European and Asian states, the first voyages around the world, and the discovery that the Earth was round and the Universe infinite. In the Middle Ages America was “discovered”, book printing and the telescope invented and many masterpieces of art and literature created.

There are numerous tales, many of them well known but others not so familiar. They include the Ancient Germans; Chlodwig, King of Franks; The Domesday Book; the Crusades; the Taborites; the Day of the Skewbald Cow; Jeanne D’Arc; Ibn Batutu; the Goliards and much more.

There are numerous illustrations, many in colour. It is a fascinating and easy read.