The Emancipation of Women

The Emancipation of Women


Selected writings by Lenin
International Publishers, New York, 1934-1966 (1995)
Papercover – 136 pages

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This publication contains selected writings by Lenin on a wide variety of topics related to the problems of women in society. The origins and persistence of discriminatory and oppressive practices and modes of thought, the family, the important role of women in social movements and the need to combat prejudicial hangovers from the past are discussed. Lenin “… saw full social equality of women as a principle that no communist could dispute,” Clara Zetkin writes in “My Recollections of Lenin,” which is also included in this volume. Of particular significance for today is the thought Lenin gave to the need for women to have special demands and organisations of their own, within the movement for socialism and the true emancipation of women by way of victorious class struggle.