The Global Economic Crisis – The Great Depression of the XXI Century

The Global Economic Crisis – The Great Depression of the XXI Century


Edited by M Chossudovsky & AG Marshall
Global Research Publishers, Canada, 2010
Paperback – 306 pages


This compilation of articles by 16 researchers, analyists, authors and others on the left gives a comprehensive analysis on the economic crisis. The book is divided into five parts: The Global Economic Crisis; Global Poverty; War, National Security and World Government; The Global Monetary System; and The Shadow Banking System.

The book is rich with detailed information that digs beneath the surface and exposes the lies and distortions of media, politicians and bourgeois economists. The language is very accessible, technical terms are explained clearly. Links are made between the economic, political, military and social developments. It exposes the myth of economic recovery, who was behind the crisis, who benefits and the horrendous impact it has had on millions of people around the world.

The chapters by Michel Chossudovsky provide an over view of the global economic crisis; global poverty and the economic crisis; and war and the economic crisis. Marshall looks at the political economy of world government; central banking and management of the global political economy; and the financial new world order – towards a global currency. Other authors include Mike Whitney, Ellen Brown, Tom Burghardt, James Petras and Bill Van Auken.

It is a must read for political activists, trade unionists, peace activists and anyone else wishing to learn more about the global economic crisis and 21st century imperialism.