Three Golden Giants and other poems

Three Golden Giants and other poems


by Vic Williams
Published by V Williams, Australia, 1977
Paperback – 32 pages

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Many readers will know Vic Williams, a veteran comrade now in his 90s living in Western Australia. Vic is one of the best working class and communist poets of Australian literature. Vic’s writing comes from a lifetime of struggle and experiences, in particular in industry and on the Fremantle waterfront.

Katharine Susannah Prichard wrote: “He fuses a passionate and sensuous vision of the earth he knows and loves with thought, direct and forceful, about everyday life and work of men and women. There is, I think, a high rare quality in Victor Williams’ poetry.”

Three Golden Giants and other poems contains some of his most popular poems. The lines: “I do not live with a divided heart. One love, one aim, once class my loyalty …” from “The Undivided Heart” are illustrative of the direct and forceful approach. In all there are 21 poems in the booklet, including “Delegate”; “Speak for Us, Pablo Neruda”; “Along the Waterfront”; and “My Baby Cries”.