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For a People's Alternative

The Communist Party is working for a fundamental change in the direction of Australian politics.
We believe that policies formulated to please transnational corporations and big banks are NOT in the interests of Australian people. We are campaigning to win support for the implementation of alternative people-oriented policies and to build a broad coalition, dedicated to overcoming the worst features of the present profit-driven economic and social system.

Vote 1 Communist Party
Senate Team (NSW)

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Waterside worker. MUA activist. MUA Central NSW Branch Committee member.

Secretary Wagga Trades & Labour Council. Organiser for the LHMU. Amateur boxing coach.

Post-graduate student activist and publications director. President, Sydney University Marxist Club.
People Before Profits
Breaking the two-party system is fundamental, in our view, for the winning a just society in Australia.
There can be no real social progress while people's effective electoral choice is deliberately limited to only two increasingly indistinguishable parties.

Communist Party of Australia
Policies for the people!

l The repeal of Reith's anti-union legislation which is destroying the Australian people's living standards and working conditions. We campaign strongly in support of trade union rights.
l Support for a multicultural Australia which recognises the rights of refugees and opposes all forms of racism and discrimination.
l Recognition of and action to implement women's rights.
l Retention and expansion of the public sector as essential for a healthy economy, total opposition to National Competition Policy and we strongly opppose further privatisation of public assets. Former publicly-owned utilities must be brought back under government control.
l Federal funding of private schools to cease; public education to be upgraded and expanded.
l Creation of real jobs, not "work for the dole" schemes; support for the rights of welfare recipients.
l Support for public health and the extension of Medicare. Bulk billing to be obligatory for all doctors' practices, including in country areas.
l Support for environmentally sustainable policies and greatly strengthened environmental
protection legislation.
l The repeal of the GST. The GST to be replaced by a progressive income tax and
higher company tax.
l We fight for peace and stand in opposition to the warmongering of the major parties.

The Communist Party believes it is necessary to build a progressive people's movement in Australia, to draw together all the left and progressive parties, trade unions, community organisations and individuals into a popular anti-imperialist, anti-globalisation, anti-monopoly, anti-war, democratic front.

In our opinion it is vitally important to build such a coalition because that is the way to mobilise thousands and tens of thousands of workers and people from other social groups who are opposed to the corporate agenda of privatisation, the attacks on the living and working conditions of all working people, whether in the cities or the country.

Such a coalition would transcend any one party, uniting instead all the streams of opposition to what is being done to the working people, the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, the farmers, pensioners, indigenous people, migrants and others.

Only such a broad coalition of left and progressive forces can change the direction of politics in Australia.

The Communist Party is working for the implementation of these policies and for the building of a left and progressive democratic front that will truly represent the people.