CPA 9th Congress April 2001

Communist Youth of Australia

The 9th Congress of the CPA voted unanimously to support the special 
resolution on youth, ensuring the formal establishment of the CYA 
(Communist Youth of Australia) at a youth congress in Sydney later this 

In his report to the Congress on youth activity, Andrew Jackson said that 
many of Australia's youth had the same hopes for the future: a world free 
from hunger, poverty and exploitation, and a world at peace.

However, he warned that the bourgeoisie were trying to lead today's youth 
"down the garden path".

"The capitalists promise us great changes. But as they deliver token 
reforms with the left hand, they slowly tighten their grips around our 
throats with the right."

Mr Jackson said, "The communist youth in Australia are more firmly convinced 
than ever, that the bright future we demand will only be brought about by 
the overthrow of capitalism".

"It will take the systematic application of scientific socialism as 
developed by Marx and Lenin. It will take dedication, discipline and hard 

"The CYA are committed to that work", he informed the Congress.

The CYA grew out of a youth forum held in Sydney last October. Since then 
they have been holding regular fortnightly meetings, and established a 
contact network with an email group.

They have also published the first of their quarterly magazine supplements 
to The Guardian, Bright Red.

Mr Jackson said that the CYA would be an activist organisation. "We will 
fight for the rights of young workers, for the rights of indigenous people. 
We will fight to preserve our public health and education systems.

"We will fight against the escalating nuclear build-up. We will fight to 
preserve our environment.

"We will fight against capitalism and imperialism wherever it seeks to take 
away our rights and exploit us."

He said that the activities of the CYA would be guided by Marxist-Leninist 
theory, an important feature that would distinguish the CYA from other 
leftist youth organisations.

Thalia Anthony from the Cypriot Branch of the CPA said that the recruitment 
of young members into the CYA was a task of both the youth organisation and 
the Party as a whole.

Ms Anthony said, "Party members have a direct responsibility through the 
involvement of their families, children and young friends. This should not 
be underestimated as a form of recruitment."

Dora Anthony, also of the Cypriot Branch and President of the Sydney 
University Marxist Club, spoke of how the future of the Party depended on 
the success of the CYA. She saw an essential need for the party to recruit 
and train young cadres.

She said that to be attractive to youth, all levels of the Party must show 
a genuine interest in youth affairs.

"It is good, but not sufficient for The Guardian to run articles on 
youth matters."

"Party meeting have many issues on their agendas  economic, 
international, union issues and so forth. I think it is important that 
issues related to youth must also be on the agenda of party meetings", she 

The Communist Youth of Australia will announce the date of their Foundation 
Congress through The Guardian and to all party branches.

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