CPA 9th Congress April 2001

Congress Resolution:
Need for a Communist Youth Organisation

The 9th Communist Party Congress supports the right of young people to 
build a better future. The Party's policies and actions aim to encourage 
young people to be optimists and to increase their self-esteem. It assists 
young people to realise that together with the working class and other 
progressive sections of the community, they are capable of achieving a 
full, secure and productive life and build a bright future.

To this end the Party's 9th Congress decides that steps be taken towards 
the formation of a Communist youth organisation which can unite young 
revolutionary-minded men and women in their struggle.

An Australian organisation of young communists would have its own 
constitution and structures, organise its own activities and campaigns. It 
would conduct its own educational programs based on the scientific theories 
of Marxism-Leninism, applied to suit the needs and struggle of Australian 
youth today.

In doing so young people will gain experience, learn the leadership, 
management and decision making skills necessary to allow them to take up 
effective roles within the CPA and in society.

A communist youth organisation would be dedicated to the skilling and 
training of young women, who are often disadvantaged and discriminated 
against in capitalist society. The experiences gained will also enable 
young men and women to take up positions of leadership in trade unions, 
NGOs and other fields of political and social life.

A communist youth organisation would aim to have a broad membership, open 
to all young workers, students and unemployed who wish to join the struggle 
for socialism, who support the organisation's policies and principles, 
abide by its constitution and rules and are willing to be active.

Such an organisation while maintaining its own structures and decision 
making bodies, would have a fraternal relationship with the Communist Party 
of Australia and be an integral part of the socialist movement in 

It is the responsibility of the Party to give political guidance in 
appropriate forms. The youth organisation would be a helper and reserve of 
the Party.

It would strive to form coalitions with other left and progressive youth 
organisations and individuals, to work together for commonly held 
objectives. It would seek to become affiliated with appropriate national 
youth organisations.

As a step towards the formation of an Australian Communist Youth 
organisation, this Congress supports the proposal to convene a national 
conference this year to discuss the adoption of a Constitution and 

This 9th Party Congress regards support for the establishment of a youth 
organisation as a major responsibility and pledges full support to help 
make its forthcoming conference a success.

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