CPA 9th Congress April 2001

Congress Resolution:
Stop US National Missile Defence plans

This 9th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia condemns the 
United States new Star Wars plans, the National Missile Defence (NMD).
NMD is a space battle system which aims to allow the US to attack other 
countries without fear of retaliation.

One of the main aims of the Bush administration's drive to develop NMD is 
US imperialism's plans to defeat the People's Republic of China, by 
military force if necessary.

NMD is a step in the global domination plans of the US new world order. NMD 
is the armed wing of globalisation.

Imperialism has never hesitated to use force to maintain control and 
eliminate threats to its interests.

US global strategy is leading to greater instability, insecurity and 
uncertainty and a greater likelihood of conflicts and wars. NMD is part of 
this process and will undermine global and regional peace, security and 

NMD will to give billions to the arms industry. At the same time it will 
destroy the existing international arms control and disarmament regime and 
trigger a wave of destabilising events around the world. We are on the 
brink of a new, more dangerous nuclear arms race.

The US military base at Pine Gap has functioned as a front-line base for 
Star Wars for many years. Using Pine Gap for NMD will make Australia a 
nuclear target. It will also make Australia complicit in a program that 
will diminish global security and stability.

Congress condemns the Federal Government for ignoring the 92 per cent of 
Australians who, in a poll last year, said the government should take a 
leading role in achieving the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

Congress calls on all Party members to take an active part in the important 
struggle to stop the deployment of NMD.

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